Xchristakos - mixed-media

"With the first glance, the characters painted by Xchristakos allure you. With the second glance, they upset you.

Only or lost in the multitude, these characters whom one could believe dumb, shout. And they shout extremely...

We are you, You are us! "

Honorary Director of the Media.
International Organization of the Francophonie


Born in 1948 at Pincess Islands (Istanbul-Turkey) from Greek parents. He is a self taught painter, except for lessons he took on drawing.

Solo exhibitions: 1973 and 1974 at the Cultural Center of Istanbul.

The two cultures in which he lived (the western and the eastern) endowed him with rich knowledge on the art of painting, but also their impact put an unbearable pressure on him.
The experience of such an impact will mark his then work, since his paintings betrothed to sculpture compose “paintings-sculptures”, in which the artist stages sculptured humans, at times encaged and at times on the run.

In 1974, in the middle of a whirl, leaves Turkey and travels to Europe (Paris-Brussels) where he participates in some group exhibitions.

Presently the artist lives and works in Athens where in 1992 and in 1996 participated in group exhibitions at gallery “Titanium” (Yayanos)


Xchristakos - mixed-media

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