The rising

A whole of dances made up of musician-warriors of Ponto (Republic of the Bridge) at the beginning of the last century.

The movement of the body leaving in all the directions, the density of the characters, the enthusiasm and the emotion which are transmitted to us give to the sculpture give to the  Xchristakos' sculpture an originality charged with Memory."

Stavros Kivotidis

Sculpture carried out on request of the Municipality of Aghia Barbara to perpetuate the memory of the Greek pontios resistants  which fought against the Turkish armies of the time which massacred them and pushed them with the exile.

Xchristakos - Wall art - urban planning
Model for the National Bank of Greece
Ethniki Trapeza tis Ellados

Xchristakos - Wall art - urban planning - Pontios
The Rising
Sculpture created on request of the Municipality of Aghia Barbara


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